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Our Stop Shop is an award winning Black owned economic empowerment education company. We are a team made up of investors. We also hold licenses in life insurance, real estate, CDL and professional training in credit education. Our team has an extensive background working in event/experimental marketing, the performing arts, and education.

Our Stop Shop caters towards bridging the racial wealth gap by providing education, resources, events, and opportunities that equips you with economic empowerment development and progression. Our Stop Shop teaches how to implement the strategies to sustainably progress personally, in business, purpose driven goals or life using our F.A.C.T.S model:

Financial information-Affordable products/opportunities-Consultations-Teaching business strategies-Staffing opportunities for events.

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Get Your Life Course (Recording)

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Get Your Life Course (Recording)

Our Stop Shop
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This course contains 5+ hours of detailed information on how to achieve economic empowerment for life or in your professional or purpose driven pursuits utilizing any number of the resources or strategies provided. It will provide you the tools and equip you with the foundation at any age to be able to build sustainable wealth.

You will receive unlimited access to the complete course content for 1 full month! It is family-friendly in layout and encouraging to learn with your loved ones (kid-friendly).

Here's What You'll Learn:

✔How to BANK to increase your net worth and build wealth!

SAVING strategies to utilize to eradicate poverty!

✔Methods COUPONS can be used to redirect some of your monthly income!

✔How TRAVELING can give you access to achieve all your goals sooner!

✔How REAL ESTATE can be lived in, owned, or make you money without ever possessing it!

HEALTH/FITNESS tips to increase your life span & maintain more muscle mass with age!

✔Many ways you can INVEST actively, passively, or with less money but still see 3-5 figure profit!

ALTERNATIVE INCOME methods that can replace a job or income source while you reclaim your TIME!

BUSINESS immediate and long-term benefits you should implement NOW connected to YOU!

✔How to effectively build, repair, or develop CREDIT to have $20k -$100k+ in credit at your disposal in months!

BUDGETING/SPENDING strategies to use to increase your financial net worth quickly!

✔How LIFE INSURANCE is an easy profit earner and the moves you can make to overcome approval issues, or pandemic proof your company with a policy!

Added Bonuses:

✔An Investment tracker

✔A Printable spending tracker

✔The Official Get Your Life Course reference link PDF with thousands of dollars worth of resources

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Please note this payment only includes access to this recording of a Get Your Life Course LIVE recording. There is an additional fee for access to attend the Get Your Life Course LIVE and the exclusive Facebook community that provides ample additional resources and support.

This membership will automatically end after one month.
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